Landcare Australia Support Grants 2016

The Landcare Australia Support Grants 2016 are intended to help Landcare groups fund projects and activities which will improve the health of the environment in their local area. Groups are invited to apply for a grant of up to $1,000 (GST exclusive) to support such projects and activities. A total of $50,000 is available on a competitive basis.

These grants will be largely funded by Landcare Australia’s Workplace Giving Program, a program that allows individuals to make regular pre-tax donations to Landcare Australia through their employer’s payroll system. These generous Workplace Giving donations are combined and then applied by Landcare Australia in support of a range of activities, including distribution to Landcare groups across Australia to maximise on-ground environmental benefits.

For more information about eligibility, the assessment process and conditions of receiving a grant can be found in the Grant Guidelines and Criteria on the Landcare Australia website at .

Applications close: 28 April 2016 (5.00pm EST)

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