Landcare ACT Forum: the future of ACT region’s non-urban land

Landcare ACT, the ACT’s peak body for land stewardship groups, is this week holding a forum to discuss the future of the ACT region’s non-urban land.

A recent survey of ACT rural landholders, undertaken by Landcare ACT found many ACT farmers were concerned about the uncertain future of local farming. The forum aims to increase community understanding of the region’s land use challenges and to provide opportunity for discussion about land use choices and planning processes around the nation’s capital.

The ACT’s Commissioner for Sustainability and Environment, Dr Kate Auty will be speaking about the state of the ACT’s non-urban land. Canberra’s unique urban/rural interface creates many challenges for the natural landscapes of the region, including climate change, water, population increase and its associated recreation pressures along with regional food supply considerations. These kinds of issues are potential sources of pressure for the ACT’s non-urban lands.”, Dr Auty said.

Mr Peter Gullett, an ACT farmer at Lambrigg, will also be explaining his perspective. Mr Gullett says “Farmers don’t have the luxury of a whole lot of certainty, but it would be good just to better understand the direction the government is taking in terms of future use of rural land.”

A short report will be developed and provided to both ACT and NSW governments. There may also be future opportunities for the community to continue discussion based on the report on line, through Landcare ACT’s OurSay platform.

The forum is funded by the National Landcare Program’s Sustainable Agriculture Capacity Building Program.

The workshop is on at the Renewables Innovation Hub on Saturday from 8.45am-1.00pm – registration is required.

Download (PDF, 539KB)

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