Conservation and land management jobs can stimulate economy as Covid-19 restrictions are eased

Landcare ACT is one of over 70 conservation and farming groups that have come together to offer a plan for our collective future: employ tens of thousands of Australians in land management and conservation as part of the bridge to recovery as we respond to coronavirus.

The conservation and land management sectors offer a unique opportunity to invest in jobs from a wide range of skills and backgrounds, both urban and regional.

As part of broader economic stimulus measures, investment in conservation jobs presents important opportunities for safe, meaningful and socially beneficial work that responds to the current economic crisis and also provides enduring benefits for the environment, tourism and farm businesses. In the ACT, Landcare ACT and members have a number of projects that can hit the ground running as social distancing measures are eased. These shovel-ready projects could create hundreds of jobs and provide a needed surge in activity in weed control, bushfire recovery, revegetation and riparian restoration.

Letter to the Prime Minister

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Conservation stimulus package background paper

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