Aboriginal Green Army

The ACT Catchment Groups are coordinating an Aboriginal Green Army team, running from 16 March for 23 weeks.

This team will have up to nine young people aged 17-24, working on important natural and cultural sites the ACT Region.

A local Aboriginal elder will provide cultural mentoring for the participants and a Conservation Volunteers Australia supervisor will guide the daily activities.

The participants will be paid an allowance while getting training in conservation and land management and other hands-on skills required for working on country.  This is a great opportunity young people to develop skills and experience for future employment in cultural and land management work.

The Aboriginal Green Army team will have the opportunity to work with Landcare volunteers (including the Mulanggang Aboriginal Landcare Group) as well as professionals working in Aboriginal Land Management.  Additionally, it will allow those involved to build networks with professionals working on country, which may assist in employment beyond the project.

The project will have a focus on restoring the cultural sites in the region as well as improving areas of national ecological significance. Activities will include:  water quality monitoring, revegetation, weed control, fencing, erosion control.

For more information and to apply see the Conservation Volunteers Australia webpage. Look for the tab Canberra – Restoration and Indigenous Cultural Activities in the ACT Region

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