Landcare ACT

Forum: The future of our region’s non-urban land

Saturday, 26 August 2017 - 8:45am to 1:00pm

Population growth is a driver for land use change in our region, with pressure from multiple uses all vying for a piece of land, a finite resource. The need for housing and consequent expansion of the cities, towns and villages will continue for the foreseeable future, so it is necessary to consider planning options for peri-urban areas.

What has Landcare ACT been up to in 2016?

Landcare ACT has also been busy this year - working to support you all, although you may not necessarily be quite so aware of that work – LACT’s limited resources have been put to use with a focus on doing rather than promoting – something to work on next year!

In the early part of the year we consulted our Members (and through them, you) to identify key issues for Landcarers in our region. This is summarised in Strengthening community Landcare for healthy ACT landscapes.

Since then we have focussed (especially in an ACT election year) on drawing attention to the value and importance of the work that you do to look after the places you care about.

We did this with all political persuasions before the election, have continued that dialogue after the election and will take it forward into 2017. This has also included writing to all Members of the Legislative Assembly about the importance of continuing support for community Landcare and recognising the important role of the catchment groups in supporting the community.

Position Statement: Independent Chair, Landcare ACT

Landcare ACT is seeking an independent volunteer Chair to guide the organisation in achieving its key strategic goals which are to:

  • further develop stakeholder relationships particularly with the ACT government and non-government organisations
  • ensure the future role of landcare in the ACT; and
  • create a strong financial basis for Landcare ACT and its member bodies.

There will be significant scope for the Chair to shape and expand their role.