Landcare ACT Forum: the future of ACT region’s non-urban land

Landcare ACT, the ACT’s peak body for land stewardship groups, is this week holding a forum to discuss the future of the ACT region’s non-urban land.

A recent survey of ACT rural landholders, undertaken by Landcare ACT found many ACT farmers were concerned about the uncertain future of local farming. The forum aims to increase community understanding of the region’s land use challenges and to provide opportunity for discussion about land use choices and planning processes around the nation’s capital.

Students of Sustainability Conference 1st - 5th July 2014

Students of Sustainability Conference 1-5 July 2014.

Bringing together networks from across Australia's environment movement, this annual conference is returning to Canberra after 23 years of travelling across the continent spreading ideas, creating communities and inspiring a whole generation of change makers.

Five days of celebration, indigenous solidarity, delicious food, networking and camping. Workshops on food co-ops, social justice issues, extractive industries, climate action and much more!

Thinking Globally

What if there was a law that created an overriding legal duty of care for the Earth?

Ecocide is: the extensive damage, destruction to, or loss of ecosystems. How do we create a legal duty of care for the Earth? This is surely 'an idea whose time has come' (Victor Hugo).

International environmental lawyer Polly Higgins spoke at TEDx*Exeter on 1 May 2012, in a talk titled "Ecocide, the 5th Crime Against Peace"